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General Information

  1. One of the heavyweight night trains for many years was the Coaster. This was an economy train. The Coaster, a daytime train early in the 20th century, became an overnight train in 1926, and was so operated until its cancellation in October 1949.

  2. The train which replaced the Coaster in 1949 was the Starlight, largely composed of streamlined Daylight articulated chair cars, plus a coffee shop and tavern, but with a few heavyweight sleepers on the rear end, and at least one baggage car, as late as 1954.

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                                                             Southern Pacific Passenger Trains: Volume 1 Night Trains of the Coast Route, Ryan & Shine

Coaster History

1946  Coaster Timetable

  1. Coaster 69LA6:15 pmSF8:00 am

  2. Coaster 69LA6:30 pmOak9:50 am1st section (1-69)

  3. Coaster 69SB5:12 amLA8:00 am1 hr. ahead of Lark

  4. Coaster 70SF6:05 amLA7:50 am

  5. Coaster 70SF         SB5:00 am1 hr. ahead of Lark

  6. Coaster 70Sf6:15 amLA8:00 am

The Coaster Train Consist

Coaster Steam Motive Power

Coaster Diesel Motive Power

Coaster Passenger Equipment

pre 1942

  1. The Coaster carried A/C coaches, chair cars and tourist sleepers.


  1. The Coaster carried baggage-club cars #3078 & #3079.

  2. Received single unit diner #10200 & #10201

post 1942

  1. The Coaster carried only reclining seat chair cars. The chair cars were moved ahead of the dining car and tourist cars operated to the rear.


  1. One set of single unit diner returned to Train 51/52. Replaced with coffee shop car.


  1. Pullman sleeper added.


  1. The Coaster lost the last single unit dining car and coffee shop car. 3x Pullman tourist sleeper added.


  1. Lounge-Observation #2913 (77-O-1 class) added.

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